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2007-2010 Ford Shelby GT500 C&L Air Intake

Price: $399.00
C&L Performance 07-09 Shelby GT500 High Flow Air Intake Kit


C&L is proud to announce the release of the ULTIMATE air intake upgrade package for 2007 and newer Shelby GT500 Mustangs. Through extensive development and testing, we have been able to create a package that delivers more than 35% additional range and 36% more total airflow to the engine than the stock intake assembly can provide. This system has more range than any other aftermarket intake upgrade for these vehicles, which means that it will support a higher level of power than any other competing products. By using our proprietary flowstand to develop the mass airflow transfer function, we are able to program our tuning solution to the same standard that Ford coded into the processor from the factory. Instead of using "trial and error" or "guessing" to arrive at the proper MAF adjustments in the computer, we have programmed our tuning adjustments with the EXACT and proper values. This ensures that the computer has a more accurate control of the air/fuel ratio throughout all engine operating conditions.

The most notable effect of this is the fact that the "target" air/fuel ratio programmed into the computer is basically the same as what is actually realized in testing. Even though the Shelby computer is programmed to deliver a 12.0 to 1 air/fuel ratio from the factory, it ends up going into the 10:1 range at wide open throttle in "stock" configuration. If you look at the dyno charts provided on this page, you will notice that our air/fuel ratio graph is MUCH more consistent than the stock one, and it hovers just under the 12:1 point throughout the entire upper RPM range.