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Magnaflow SUV Exhaust System -1

Price: $759 & Up Please Call
Item Number: Magnaflow SUV

Magnaflow Catback Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow exhaust Cat-Back System is equipped with a MagnaFlow performance muffler boasting a one-piece perforated stainless steel core. No louvers, no baffles, no sharp turns, just a straight path to increased horsepower and torque Performance. Step on the gas and a deep, tiger-like growl answers back. When you're cruising or idling, the Magnaflow performance exhaust system purrs like a kitten. The Magnaflow's stainless steel or Magnaflow's aluminized body is corrosion-resistant and reflects heat, so it'll retain Magnaflow's winning good looks, clean appearance and have a longer life than OEM and competitor mufflers. Installations a breeze, just remove the stock setup, bolt on your new Magnaflow performance exhaust system and get ready to rumble.

-Magnaflow Cat-Back reduces engine heat and backpressure and improves exhaust scavenging from the combustion chamber.
-Minimizes the power-robbing effects of the OEM exhaust system restoring torque and horsepower performance to the engine.
-Magnaflow's steel mesh core warms up quickly and maintains the muffler s optimal temperature for exhaust movement.
-Dense acoustical-absorbing material filters out annoying vibrations and harsh noises leaving behind only that smooth, throaty growl.
-Magnaflow Cat-Back increases power from 3 to 23 horsepower and from 6 to 28 lbs. of torque, depending on your vehicle.
-1/2" overlapped welding at every joint and sealed with a continuous mig weld.
-Fast-flowing mandrel-bent tubing from 2" to 4" diameter, depending on your vehicle, so there's no turbulence, backpressure or restrictions of any kind.
-CARB certified, legal in all 50 states.
-Easy installation.
-Lifetime warranty on your Magnaflow performance exhaust system.