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Magnaflow Cat back Exhaust Systems for the Ford Mustang & Shelby

Price: $579 & up Please Call
Item Number: Magnaflow Exhaust

Magnaflow Catback Exhaust Systems for the Mustang

Magnaflow exhaust Cat-Back System is equipped with a MagnaFlow performance muffler boasting a one-piece perforated stainless steel core. No louvers, no baffles, no sharp turns, just a straight path to increased horsepower and torque Performance. Step on the gas and a deep, tiger-like growl answers back. When you're cruising or idling, the Magnaflow performance exhaust system purrs like a kitten. The Magnaflow's stainless steel or Magnaflow's aluminized body is corrosion-resistant and reflects he...

(99-04) Ford Mustang $722.25 $579 15717
(05-06) Ford Mustang 4.0 liter V6 engine; Dual Exhaust Sytem; dual split rear exit with V8 look, SS $752.46 $599 16605
(99-04) Ford Mustang Cobra $784.90 $629 15644
(99-04) Ford Mustang GT/Mach 1 $722.08 $579 15673