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High Performance Differentials 2010-2012 Camaro

Price: 1995.00 & up
Item Number: RPM
usable core req'd
$1995 - Camaro differential with micropolished 3.70 or 4.10 gear. (exchange)

2010-12 Camaro SS 1000HP Level 5 Rear axles RA5410X5 / RA5411X5
Description:The Level 5 axles for the new Camaro SS are designed to handle up to 1000HP. Using our chromoly center bars, 108mm Porsche-style CV's and bolt-on chromoly inner and outer stubs, these are a direct bolt-on that fit the stock hubs and come complete with all the necessary hardware. Not only will these axles handle the horsepower, we have used different diameter chromoly axle bars on each side which will eliminate wheelhop. Wheelhop at launch which can be extremely damaging to the drivetrain and makes getting traction very difficult. The factory Camaro axles are made with different diameter axle bars, but the spline diameter is the same on both sides. We have seen this before on stock axles such as those found in the Mustang Cobra, where the large diameter axle bar will taper down to a spline that is half the diameter. This transition creates a weak point on the axle bar that cannot withstand increased horsepower. Our axles are made with 1-1/8” & 1-3/8” diameter bars that are splined on the full diameter of the bar, without being tapered down so drastically and creating a weak point. (See photo- between the Level 5 axles, stock axle bar on left and Level 5 axle bar on right)These axles are priced as a set and have a 1-year warranty.