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FAST Fuel Injectors

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FAST™ Fuel Injectors

GM Gen IV Fuel Injectors

The FAST™ Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors for GM Gen IV engines are the highest flowing injectors available and are uniquely designed for direct installation into LS2 and LS3/LS7/L76/L92/L99-style engines. Available in two different height confi gurations and a wide range of fl ow rates, the injectors are correctly sized (shorter than common LS1/LS6 injectors) and feature the correct EV6/USCAR connector, enabling a hassle-free plug-in operation.

Prior to the arrival of Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors for GM Gen IV engines, performance engine builders were required to retro-fit high-flow Gen III (LS1/LS6) injectors which required a wiring harness adapter to fire the injectors. Most importantly, due to the fact that LS2 and LS7 engines feature shorter fuel injectors than other LS engines, when performance injectors were required engine builders would have to modify the fuel rail placement to fit the Gen III (LS1/LS6) style injectors. The new FAST™ Precision-Flow™ Injectors for GM Gen IV engines are simple drop-in components offered in fuel rates up to 57 lb/hr* (LS2–type) & 65 lb/hr* (LS7/L76/L92-type), the highest rate currently available for GM Gen IV engines.


Part # Description
High-Impedance Single Injector
30332-1   LS2-Type 33 lb/hr (346.5cc/min)
30462-1   LS2-Type 46 lb/hr (483cc/min)
30572-1   LS2-Type 57 lb/hr (598.5cc/min)
30397-1   LS3/LS7/L76/L92/L99-Type 39 lb/hr (409.5cc/min)
30507-1   LS3/LS7/L76/L92/L99-Type 50 lb/hr (525cc/min)
30657-1   LS3/LS7/L76/L92/L99-Type 65 lb/hr (682.5cc/min)
30857-1   LS3/LS7/L76/L92/L99-Type 85 lb/hr (892.5cc/min)