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Lingenfelter Drag Pack Kit

Price: $449.00
The Lingenfelter Drag Pac is designed for the drag racing enthusiast that is tired of finishing second! This pac includes the Lingenfelter Launch controller, green LED shift light, Lingenfelter RPM switch and Mile Per Hour Switch.

Lingenfelter Adjustable Launch Controller, RPM Limiter 2 Step & Timing Retard LNC-002 - L460095297 Price:$274.95

Lingenfelter RPM Activated Switch 12V/5V & Window Function Kit - L460040000 Price:$104.95

Lingenfelter Speed to Voltage Converter & Speed Based Relay Control Module MPH Activated Switch - L460050000 Price:$114.95

Green LED light with a 30 cm wire and chrome plastic threaded bezel - L450040000 Price:$4.99

Total price if purchased separately $499.84